? imprint like this service?
What is this all about? Who is liable? What about my privacy?
eemaill will not: read your mails, hand you e-mail address to others, use your e-mail address for ads, display your e-mail address in public.

Keep in mind that an administrator of an eemaillist may see all e-mail addresses currently subscribed to it.
An administrator of an eemaillist decides who will gain administrative privileges by handing the administration-URL to others.

Further, eemaill will keep the following data: lists until one year of inactivity, e-mail count per list, last activity per list, recipient addresses as long as assigned and subscribed, IP's with suspicious behavior for 24 hours. This is the smallest possible amount of data that is required for a reasonable mode of operation.
Why e-mail? How came this project to life? Are there technical infomation? Still questions...